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A lighthearted game with fast paced gameplay
Responsible: Danilo

Reverse Minesweeper

In minesweeper you have to find all the mines without touching them. You actually have to avoid the mines while uncovering all the tiles around them. In FatRabbit, you have almost the same base mechanics; however, instead of deliberately avoiding mines, you have to uncover as many as you can.

Replace mines for food and you have FatRabbit!

Two gameplay modes

In this game, the main character is losing weight at a fast rate and it's your job to find food and keep him alive. One gameplay mode is turn based, so he only loses weight at the end of a turn. The other is a realtime mode so every few seconds he loses weight. This means some levels are more puzzle like while others are click fest!


The game will have several types of food for you to find with some giving special effects. There will also be traps and power ups. As in minesweeper you will find numbers on an empty tile that indicates what is nearby. There will be numbers for food, for power ups, and for traps!


We are developing FatRabbit using the game engine called Godot. It's MIT and is quite easy to use. The community around it is growing steadily and developers are improving it at a fast pace.


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22 Jan 2016 - The Art of Fat Rabbit - Part I

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